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General Surgery Residency

AHEC Digital Library

UNC Access

With your ADL login (see above) you can access most resources and tools available from UNC libraries.  

unc hsl homepage


At some point when navigating to a resource, you'll be asked to login.  Choose the AHEC option and login with your ADL account.

unc adl login

Note: Not all resources will be available for login with an ADL account.

Find Full Text

Need Full Text? Try the following steps:

1. Search for the article in PubMed's Single Citation Matcher.

  • Note: It is not necessary to fill the entire form out.  3 fields is usually enough to find a single article.

 PubMed Single Citation Matcher


2. Once you navigate to the individual article record.  Use the buttons in the top right to access the full-text.

Start with: pmc full text button

If that isn't showing up, try unc find full text button

That will take you to a login page where you can select ADL (unless you have an Onyen which would also work).

UNC login page

On the login page, enter your ADL username and password.  Forgot them?  Email us!

ADL login page

If all of that fails, email us what you need!