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MAHEC Library

What is the ADL?


The AHEC Digital Library (ADL) is your portal to AHEC library services, information, and education. The ADL ensures that healthcare providers across the state have high-quality health information readily available through a variety of memb ership categories, ranging from access to free resources to paid subscriptions. Depending on your affiliations, the ADL provides you access to full-text journals, books, and electronic databases of the literature, as well as links to carefully evaluated health information websites and clinical and educational tools.

Register for the ADL

Anyone may use the AHEC Digital Library as a guest. For access to subscription resources that include databases, full-text journals, and textbooks, an annual membership is just $280 annually for health and human service personnel. That fee is waived for MAHEC faculty, residents, fellows, community faculty and preceptors of UNC Chapel Hill health affairs students. Your eligibility will be verified with the relevant MAHEC or UNC offices.

Click here to fill out our online membership form.

Logging In

On the right hand side of the ADL homepage, you'll log in to your individual account with your username and password (1).


Once you're logged in, you'll see the MAHEC logo and your name on the right hand side of the ADL homepage (2). Depending on your affiliations, you'll see some "library links" below the account settings button.


Accessing Resources

To browse resources, you can select a category from the blue banner menu, or select from the resources listed under Your Top Used Resources, which will change as you use your ADL account, or from the curated discipline lists under the Browse Health Topics tab. The resources listed here are dependent on your affiliations and access in your individual account. You can also search for resources using the search bar at the upper right of the homepage.