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NCBI Login Changes

What's Happening

NCBI, home of PubMed, is changing how you log-in to their system, where you can save searches, save citations, and more.  Until now, you have been able to use a username and password specifically for NCBI.  The change will remove that option and you'll need to use some other system ( ex. Google, Microsoft, ORCiD, UNC Onyen, etc.) to log-in.  

June 1, 2021

NCBI login page

What you need to do

If you already use another account to login to NCBI, you don’t have to change anything!

If you have been logging in with a NCBI account, you’ll need to:

1) Login as usual (Start here)

2) Go to your Account Settings

3) Review the Linked Accounts section and if nothing is listed there click the Change button

4) Search for and find an account to use

  • We recommend ORCiD, Google Microsoft, or Facebook
  • If you have an Onyen, you can search for UNC and use that too.

You should be redirected to log into whatever system you select, which will connect the logins and next time you go to login to NCBI you can use that system/login to do so.


If you encounter problems

Errors sometimes occur when trying to link accounts.  We suggest:

  • Try a different browser
  • Clear cookies and try again

If that fails, please reach out to the library team at: 

Why Have an NCBI Account?

My NCBI is your own personal account in the NCBI system, which includes the PubMed database, and many other tools.  

Once you have an account you can do many things, such as: 

  1. Customize settings (i.e. have search terms highlighted in results; set to automatically show abstracts and 100 citations at a time)
  2. Save searches that you want to keep up on and set up email alerts
  3. Save citations to collections for future referral or to share with others
  4. Return to recently run searches

NCBI homepage